Our professional photo restoration service can repair your treasured photographs. If the photo has been damaged, torn by accident or simply faded & deteriorated with age – we can repair it.

How much?

Every photo is different. We need to see your photo to assess it and give you a quote. If you can send a digital photo from e.g. a camera phone, we'll be able to review the condition and suggest a rough idea of costs involved.


Prices start from £20 for a quick fix and 6×4 print + digital copy of the final photo.

What we do

We scan your photo or photograph it if it's larger than 10x8inches, and it’s the digital version that’s retouched, enhanced & manipulated by a professional retoucher of over 25 years. The original photograph is returned unaltered.


We can also work from your own scan if the quality is sufficient but for the best results we recommend sending the original where possible.


How long?

We aim to get back to you with a quote within 1 working day of receiving your photo/request. From you approving the quote to receiving an email proof it’s currently:


4 to 5 working days.


By Post

Send your securely packaged photo to:

Aardvark Designs Ltd.

49 Hinckley Road, Burbage, LE10 2AF


We suggest sending your items by Royal Mail Signed For™ for proof of delivery and up to £50 compensation, or Special Delivery Guaranteed™ for tracking and higher compensation. We take not responsibility for any lost photos that we do not sign for.

Send us your Photo

By sending items to us confirm that you own the copyright of the supplied photo or have permission from the copyright owner to use it. For the best results we recommend sending us the original print where possible.


Include your contact details and email address, along with your print requirements (sizes and quantities).


Packing tips

Use a board-backed envelope or some stiff card to prevent your photo bending and getting damaged in transit. NB: Photos loose in a Jiffy bag are still prone to creasing in the post.


If the photo is stuck to the glass from a frame and cannot be removed without causing damage then please send “as is” using plenty of bubble wrap or a heavy duty “Jiffy bag”.


You are welcome to drop your photo off in person but please get in touch to make an appointment first.
Our home office in Burbage, Leicestershire, is 5 mins from the M69. We’ll try and give you a price there and then.


In Person

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